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ANN: 4Suite and 4Suite Server 0.10.2

Fourthought, Inc. (http://Fourthought.com) announces the release of

                 4Suite 0.10.2 and 4Suite Server 0.10.2
          Open source XML processing tools and an XML data server


4Suite News

	* ODS: optimized back end
	* ODS: Better collection support
	* ODS: DBM and Oracle driver fixes
	* XSLT: format-number overhaul
	* XPath: C boolean extension implemented for performance
	* XPath: Added extension functs search-re, base-uri
	* RDF: serialization fixes
	* RDF: shelve (DBM) driver
	* Localization support
	* Friendlier error messages
	* URI handling fixes
	* Many misc bug-fixes

4Suite Server News

        * Many usability improvements
	* omniNotify: Removed our implementation of Event Channel and
	              replaced with omniNotify
	* TxFactory: Rewrote to avoid common race conditions
	* Strobe: (formerly Reaper) Added a test harness
	* UserServer:  Moved many user specific things out of the common IDL
	* UserServer:  Added a test harness
	* RdfServer:  Now uses system exceptions for common exception cases.
	* RdfServer:  Added a test harness
	* XmlServer:  Allow Raw files
	* XmlServer:  Now uses the standard system exceptions
	* XmlServer:  Added a proper test harness
	* XmlServer:  Added XSLT-based API to 4SS
	* MetaUserServer:  Completed the implementation
	* MetaUserServer:  Added a proper test harness
	* MetaXmlServer:  Completed the implementation
	* MetaXmlServer:  Added a proper test harness
	* HTTPListener:  Added a test harness
	* HTTPListener:  XSLT support
	* HTTPListener:  Custom handler support
	* webDAV:  Incorporated pydav into 4SS
	* webDAV:  Finished initial implementation
	* All:  Renamed interfaces (where approriate) to follow
	        Create/Fetch/Update/Delete naming convention.
	* All:  Added command-line tools
	* All:  Added console
	* All:  Added populate script to bootstrap useful resources
	* All:  More comprehensive documentation
	* All:  Many, many fixes and optimizations

4Suite is a collection of Python tools for XML processing and object
database management.  It provides support for XML parsing, several
transient and persistent DOM implementations, XPath expressions,
XPointer, XSLT transforms, XLink, RDF and ODMG object databases.

4Suite Server is a platform for XML processing.  It features an XML data
repository, a rules-based engine, and XSLT transforms, XPath and
RDF-based indexing and query, XLink resolution and many other XML
services.  It also supports related services such as distributed
transactions and access control lists.  Along with basic console and
command-line management, it supports remote, cross-platform and
cross-language access through CORBA, WebDAV, HTTP and other request
protocols to be added shortly.

4Suite Server is not meant to be a full-blown application server.  It
provides highly-specialized services for XML processing that can be used
with other application servers.

All the software is open-source and free to download.  Priority support
and customization is available from Fourthought, Inc.  For more
information on this, see the http://FourThought.com, or contact
Fourthought at info@fourthought.com or +1 303 583 9900

More info and Obtaining 4Suite and 4Suite Server

Please see


From where you can download source, Windows and Linux binaries.

4Suite is distributed under a license similar to that of the
Apache Web Server.