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Re: XQuery -- Reinventing the Wheel?

> On Wed, 21 Feb 2001, Evan Lenz wrote:
> > Simplistically,
> >
> > XQuery = XSLT - templateRules - nonAbbreviatedXPathAxes
> >
> > Apart from datatypes, which XPath currently does not support (but
> > apparently will), the areas where XQuery purportedly introduces new
> > functionality are matters of convenience.
> I have been given to understand that XQuery supports searches across a
> collection of XML documents and XPath does not.  Are you saying that
> this understanding is incorrect?

XPath doesn't, but XSLT does with the document() function.

I must say that having given XQuery the briefest of perusals, I agree with
Evan.  Not much there that cannot be handled using XSLT, and a lot of what
would be impossible or ineffiecient for a naive XSLT implementation could
be taken care of by a basic set of optimized XSLT extension elements.

I'm quite sorry I won't be in the UK to attend Evan's session.

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