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RE: XSLT Performance (was BLANK)

Title: RE: XSLT Performance (was BLANK)

From: Lynda VanVleet <lyndavv@earthlink.net>

> When talking with David Turner (Microsoft), he calls
> them "perceived performance issues."  Is performance
> of XSLT implementations
> for largescale EAI/B2B integrations real or perceived?

When we talk about scalability for XQuery, I think we are talking about the ability to efficiently query databases in the range of 10 Gig and up, making use of indexes and query optimization strategies.

A good implementation of XSLT, combined with a well-written stylesheet that takes performance into account, can be quite fast for many scenarios in the EAI/B2B domain, but still woefully inadequate for querying databases like those described in the above paragraph.