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RE: XSLT Performance (was BLANK)

John F Schlesinger writes:
>I don't see XML and MQ as alternatives at all.
>For my customers (and IBM's emphasis on XML in MQSI2 seems to indicate for
>IBM as well), the combination of MQ with XML is extremely popular.

I was actually referring to MQ with XML vs XML with XSLT.  For example, in
Sun Microsystems Forte Fusion or iPlanet Integration Server (same product, I
forget which is the new name) a component sends an XML message over HTTP to
a Proxy that applies XSLT rules to send an XML message to the automated
Workflow or Process engine which in turn can communicate back to components
through the Proxy using XSLT.  The performance issue is with the Proxies.
Som EAI implementors are delaying the implementation of XML with XSLT until
performance issues are worked out.

Lynda Van Vleet

Lynda Van Vleet
Software Design Engineer