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RE: XQuery -- Reinventing the Wheel?

Title: RE: XQuery -- Reinventing the Wheel?

John Schlesinger wrote:

> Jonathan wrote:
> "A query language needs to be optimizable for queries. To make this
> possible, we need to be able to discover equivalences so that queries
> can be rewritten flexibly based on the performance parameters of various
> kinds of access. Both the XQuery language and the XML Query Algebra are
> designed to make this possible."
> Without trying to get to much into the debate, I would think that if
> there is a need to re-write queries the most obvious way to specify the
> re-write would be to use XSL. This is what it is for, after all.
> However, to do this the query needs to be XML. Therefore, the need for
> query re-write is, for me, a strong argument that the query syntax
> should be XML. This, in turn, suggests that FLWR is inferior for this
> purpose than XSLT.

An XML-based representation of the XQuery parse tree can be used for this kind of rewriting - in fact, at Software AG, we do this in our XQuery prototype. And I agree that XSLT can be used for the transformations, though we decided to use a different language.

But that doesn't mean you make your poor user type in the XML. That's what parsers are for. There are two executable grammars for XQuery in the appendix.