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XQuery and XSLT - Five Year from Now

Language designer understands the craft well and writes only a few
programs in his ware. The language user has a glimpse of the language
(no self-respecting coder reads the manual) and write large amount
of programs.
My hunch is that, five years from now, XSLT will be like Perl. People
write some isolated XSLT scripts to do some transformation here and
there. XQuery would be like SQL. It will be pervasively used
everywhere. It could be THE language of XML.
For an outsider with some SQL experience, XQuery FLWR sounds a little
more familiar. For an Oracle salesman with an art history degree, it
is easier for him to pitch XQuery. The marketing department of Oracle,
IBM, Microsaft, etc will make the decision for all of us.
The way I see it, the real differentiator between XSLT and XQuery is
that XQuery is tuned to marketing convenience.
Jay Zhang