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Re: XQuery and XSLT - Five Year from Now

On Fri, 23 Feb 2001, Jay Zhang wrote:

> My hunch is that, five years from now, XSLT will be like Perl. People
> write some isolated XSLT scripts to do some transformation here and
> there. XQuery would be like SQL. It will be pervasively used 
> everywhere. It could be THE language of XML.

If you would, please pick a different language (say, REBOL or Lisp ;) )
for your example. I (and many others) regularly write *much* more than
'some isolated (Perl) scripts to do some transformation here and there' on
a regular basis. I've personally written hundreds of thousands of lines of
mostly object oriented Perl in the last three years.

Thank you.

Benjamin Franz

... with proper design, the features come cheaply. This 
approach is arduous, but continues to succeed.

                                     ---Dennis Ritchie