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Data Model(s) for XML 1.0 / XML Devcon / DOM / XSL / Query

In the light of recent debate about the intertwingling
of XML specs and the PSVI and Henry Thomsons
excellent keynote at XML Devcon

isn't it time to accept that not specifying formal
post-parse data model(s) for XML 1.0 was a big

Furthermore, would the members of the list concur
that there is an enormous difference between
the data model needed for read only apps and
the data model need for read/write apps.

Would the list accept that the read/write nature
of the DOM makes life overly hard for developers
of read only (and in particular persistent) DOM

Finally, would the members of the list agree
that the read/write nature of XSLT is at the
heart of the difficulties in scaling its query
capabilities to the degree needed for purely
read only use such as is required by XML

Sean McGrath CTO
Enabling Universal Mobility