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Re: Data Model(s) for XML 1.0 / XML Devcon / DOM / XSL / Query

>Sean McGrath wrote:
> > isn't it time to accept that not specifying formal
> > post-parse data model(s) for XML 1.0 was a big
> > mistake?

At 12:18 PM 2/23/01 -0500, W. E. Perry wrote:

>In a word, no. Those post-parse plus post-additional-processing data
>models are in effect being specified now by, among others, the very
>groups whose work you cite here.

Ah yes, but the after-the-fact, bifurcated struggle to hone in
on post-parse data models has resulted in nasty impedance
mismatches between some key, horizontal XML technologies
that should be living in harmony but are not.

There is no one true data model that covers the range
of XML based applications from editing to rendering (except
perhaps groves but lets not go there...)
Having said that, there is, it seems to me, a clear and
useful divide between a read only data model and a
read/write data model for well formed XML.

I would like to see something like this emerge to form
an abstract base class for infosets rather than
the Bag data structure infoset we currently have.