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Re: Data Model(s) for XML 1.0 / XML Devcon / DOM / XSL / Query

Bravo Tim!

I have no idea what this thread is about, I just happened to click on your
message, saw my name, and read on.

As a Mac developer in the 80s, if AppleTalk had been transparent, I believe
a lot of what happened in the 90s on the Web would have happened on the Mac.
We spent months and months trying to get Hello World to work over AppleTalk
by following the docs and the APIs, which were horrendous. If they had
started with a transport that was transparent, the weakness of their docs
and APIs would have not stopped anyone.

I have this argument every day it seems with those who say "This stuff will
be generated by software, so no one has to read it." I don't buy it.
Something intuitive triggers when I'm asked to support something I don't
understand. The intuitive voice says "wait".