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Re: Adding types to XPath

At 11:03 24-02-2001, Matt Sergeant wrote:
>I've been following discussions about the plans for XPath 2.0 (and XSLT
>2.0) with interest. One thing that concerns me is that in order to
>implement XPath 2.0 I have to implement the PSVI, and thus W3C Schemas.

In some sense, but if a schema is never applied, then your PSVI will only 
use the primitive types defined by XML 1.0.  In other words, you shouldn't 
need to change your data model at all.  Now, some stylesheets that require 
type matching to work might not work in your engine, but people choosing to 
use your (presumably) lighter-weight XPath engine would, I hope, be aware 
of that limitation.

Christopher R. Maden, XML Consultant