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Re: CodeML?

On Sat, Feb 24, 2001 at 09:08:20PM -0600, robert sanford wrote:
> is there a specification anywhere for creating an xml based
> programming language? the idea that i have in my head is that a
> language would be specified in a schema describing a BNF like
> structure and that potentially an XSLT could translate a "program"
> (aka instance document) written in that language to an actual
> implementation language such as perl, java, c++, etc.

Pretty awful to program in, wouldn't you think? ;) Have a look at JavaML to see
how a OO language expressed as XML looks.. it's not pretty.
> i know that i can do this but i'd like to see if there are ant
> existing works that i can build off of.

I wrote something like this.. you could embed declarative XML statements in
regular code, eg:

<debug level="1">This is a debug statement</debug>

Then a preprocessor converted that <debug> statement to real code for the
target language. New tags can be added by writing XSLT stylesheets.

Code available on request; gory details available at

> or, we could go even farther and write an xml based byte-code that
> our xml language(s) (or any other language for that matter) can be
> compiled into. i don't _really_ want to do that but it could be a
> fun thought exercise :)

How about Java bytecode?


> rjsjr
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