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RE: CodeML?

Hi Robert,

On Sat, 24 Feb 2001, robert sanford wrote:

> is there a specification anywhere for creating an xml based
> programming language? the idea that i have in my head is that a
> language would be specified in a schema describing a BNF like
> structure and that potentially an XSLT could translate a "program"
> (aka instance document) written in that language to an actual
> implementation language such as perl, java, c++, etc.
> i know that i can do this but i'd like to see if there are ant
> existing works that i can build off of.

If you find one, let us know, I am interested to see what kind of beast it
is. I guess that such language has to encode the basic procedural code
constructs like loops, conditions, function calls, etc.. since most of the
procedural languages share about the same basic constructs. The problem that
I see is variable declaration since some procedural languages do not
necessitate variable declaration (like basic) and other do (like c++). The
other area of difficulty will be object based or object oriented languages
(like c++, java)  vs data and code separation (like c, Pascal). I guess
again that such language will only map to a certain category like object
based or object oriented languages. Yes for sure I'll be very interested to
see such beast, after all we where able to create a functional language with
XML (XSLT roughly mapped on DSSSL itself mapped on scheme).

Let us know what you found in your quest.

Didier PH Martin
Email: martind@netfolder.com
Book: XML Professional (http://www.wrox.com)
column: xml.com (http://www.xml.com)