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Re: Reinventing the wheel (an implementor point of view)

Arnaud Sahuguet <sahuguet@gradient.cis.upenn.edu> 
> The DOM API should be extended to look more a like 
> an XPath API, to make calls more efficient.  Also 
> supporting an iterator model would be great.

Those are conflicting wishes.

 But what about larger documents?
> I have also implemented a SQL backend, where Quilt
> queries (actually
> XPath bindings) are mapped into SQL. If you do it in
> a naive way, you
> are dead, but if you restrict yourselves to a subset
> of XPath, this
> can be done.
> The main issue (and it is actually a big research
> issue) is to
> find/guess what the low-level operators for the XML
> data models
> are. For relational databases, we already know them
> and this is what
> makes DBMS fast. The holy grail should not be the
> language, but these
> low-level operators (XScan, from Univ. of
> Washington, is a first
> attempt. See
> http://data.cs.washington.edu/xml/xscan.pdf).
> For more info, you can read a tech report about the
> implementation of
> Kweelt: http://db.cis.upenn.edu/DL/kweelt-TR.pdf
> The Kweelt code can be found at:
> http://db.cis.upenn.edu/Kweelt/
> I will also give a talk at XML Dev Con 2001 in NYC
> in April.
> best regards,
> Arnaud Sahuguet
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