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ANN: B-Bop Releases Xfinity(TM) Author wX 1.2

B-Bop proudly announces the release of Easy-to-use
Xfinity(TM) Author wX to Create XML Content
using Microsoft Word

B-Bop Xfinity Author wX is a flexible add-in module for
Microsoft Word that enables users to create structured
content for e-commerce applications and Web publishing,
without having to learn XML syntax.  Using XSLT stylesheets,
the default XML tagged content can be used to generate
XML documents conforming to any XML DTD, as well as
Text, HTML or RTF documents.  Xfinity Author wX seamlessly
integrates  with the MS-Word desktop environment to produce
well-formed XML documents and provides:

- Reliable, consistent conversion
- Flexible mapping to any XML standard
- Re-usable document content


 One click conversion to well-formed XML
 Seamless integration with MS Word environment
 Supports Section and Form Protection
 Recognizes all widely used MS Word objects, including graphics
 Works with existing MS-Word templates (.dot)
 Unique Save As feature allows conversion to any DTD (Industry
standard or user-defined)
 Batch processor Word-to-XML conversion for large-scale operations

For more information, please visit http://www.b-bop.com/products
or contact marketing@b-bop.com