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Re: The relentless march of abstraction (fwd)

At 11:41 27/02/2001 -0500, David Megginson wrote:
>I agree with Dave Winer, however, that XML
>violates the primary Internet law of being conservative in what you
>produce but liberal in what you accept.

I agree, but violates seems to imply that it's a bad thing. I think that
law has shown it's limit with the explosion of HTML. When addressing an
audience of people that large, generally unconcerned with compliance to
whatever so long as they can put something out there (and perhaps make some
money with it) the more liberal you are the more liberal people will expect
you to be. It quickly becomes a vicious circle, with the vicious
consequences we know.

-- robin b.
"Chance is irrelevant. We will succeed." -- 7o9