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: XML Schemas: Best Practices

> So what do we do to check this constraint?  As I see it, there are three
> options:
> (1) There are many other schema languages besides XML Schemas:
>     - Schematron
>     - TREX
>     - RELAX

This may sound like a shameless plug (and it is :-) but there is also
xlinkit. Check out http://www.xlinkit.com/dangerzone/

However, the kinds of constraints we check may be too heavyweight for your
purposes. Schematron sounds appropriate. Anyway, worth a look! (Our language
is basically first order logic. It is powerful enough to check the
semantics of the UML in its XMI encoding!)

Static schemas like XML schema are not very good at checking semantic
properties, nor do they offer any diagnostics. This is where schematron and
xlinkit come in.