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Re: Is whitespace within general entities ignorable?

At 09:20 PM 27/02/01 -0800, Christopher R. Maden wrote:
>><!DOCTYPE test [
>><!ELEMENT test (child)*>
>><!ENTITY entws "   ">
>><test> &entws; </test>
>I believe your example is legal, to contradict John Cowan.

In my experience, John Cowan is one of those People Who Is
Usually Right.  I must say though, that I'm having trouble
agreeing with him on this one.  John, did this get covered
in one of the errata?  I know the empty CDATA section thing
did, but I don't recall this, and I have trouble thinking
of anything in XML 1.0 that rules this out.

Reason is, I can actually see this being useful in 
certain circumstances, in publishing contexts, where you
have a between-siblings entity that could be redefined to
be whitespace (or not) depending on some other stuff in
the internal subset, and depending on the declarations in
effect, be legal in a variety of different ways.

What does actual real-world software do with this?