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Re: SAX-ext Attribute + Entity Parsing

"Bullard, Claude L (Len)" wrote:
> Be fair, Justin:
> 1.  The X3D-Schema can be changed.  The
> DTD needs to be dumped sooner or later.

Well, from my perspective, I have no control over the X3D spec. Being
purely blatant about it, the only reason I am working on the codebase at
all is that I'm being paid to do it. My perspective is that I've been
given a spec to implement and a bunch of wishlist items and I'm trying
to Make it Happen (TM). I'm certainly not here to change the spec. There
is a problem we have in that I cannot fulfill the specification given
the current set of resources in the SAX API and am trying to find the
best way around the problem.

> 2.  They use parameter entities because
> the XHTMLers told them that was the
> "standard" approach to modularization
> and for some years, it has been.  

Understood, but I need some code solution in order to implement the
required behaviour. My feeling that I'm getting from the feedback is
that it may well be impossible given the standard APIs so I may have to
go to a smaller, non-standard solution (Using the JOX DTDParser code for

> 3.  Both Microstation and Autodesk are
> implementations, a bit long in the tooth,
> and X3D should not be hobbled by that.  If
> it is, then it is not VRML200x but VRML 0.5.

Examples only of

a) How long it took to get some output generation capabilities (MS/SE
took 3 years to get acceptable VRML 2.0, not even VRML97 support). I
couldn't expect them to have schema support before dealing with DTDs. 

b) As a person building a general purpose library for widespread use, we
have to deal with all circumstances being thrown at us - That is, we
_will_ get DTD content and we must make sure we play nicely with it.

My bitch is not with X3D per-se, just trying to find a clean solution
within the current standardised API sets. The answer I think I'm hearing
is that it can't be done today. 

Justin Couch                                    Author, Java Hacker
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