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Re: SAX-ext Attribute + Entity Parsing

... but I've got the same problem trying to support an XML repository of
'legacy' DTD files (and I'm not convinced everyone is going to switch to
XML Schema). The information is there, but inaccessible at the SAX2

Would it not make sense to allow people like myself (and Justin) access
to slightly lower-level info by adding a property to SAX2 which says "do
not expand internal entities, but leave them in place"? (thanks Justin)

Given that an internal entity is a reported Infoset declaration, I would
suggest that allowing the 'user' to switch on/off the parser's 'hiding'
of the use of the item is a reasonable request.

There are lotsa re-usable internal entities out there, and I'd like to
be able to capture the original (well-informed and thought out)
intention of the authors. Hopefully this will help them retain their
re-usability when (if) they use tools like ours to migrate to XML