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re: SAX2: Missing isSpecified show-stops DOM building

Ingo Macherius writes:

 > I would be very grateful if some of the SAX-debate veterans could
 > comment on this, or even point out a way how I can help getting
 > this into SAX 2.0.1.

My much-delayed next SAX2 release will be a bug-fix-only release, with
JUnit tests (finally!), and it will be my last one.  When I finally
dig myself out of the various holes I'm in and get that release out,
we'll have to decide where and by whom SAX2 will be maintained -- the
new maintainer(s) may be very open to change, or may be very
conservative about it.

In the meantime, the best place to start is by developing and
promoting a new feature and interface.  Try something like this:

  Feature: http://www.foo.org/sax/features/attribute-specified-info

  If true, the Attributes object passed in startElement events will
  also implement the AttributeSpecifiedInfo interface, and can be cast
  to it.

and then something like

  public interface AttributeSpecifiedInfo
    public boolean isSpecified (int index);
    public boolean isSpecified (String uri, String localName);
    public boolean isSpecified (String qName);

Publish this in a normal spec-y format (i.e. lots of references,
definitions, etc.) and then either convince a couple of XML parser
writers to support it, or write patches yourself against the OSS
parsers like Xalan.  If it catches on, then you'll have a strong case
for arguing for inclusion in future versions of SAX.

All the best,


David Megginson                 david@megginson.com