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RE: Why 90 percent of XML standards will fail

James Robertson writes:

 > At 04:31 1/03/2001, Tim Bray wrote:
 > >At 12:07 PM 28/02/01 +1100, James Robertson wrote:
 > > >But when the difficult questions arise,
 > > >the W3C invariably says "hey don't blame
 > > >us, we're not creating standards!".
 > >
 > >Uh, when?  I haven't observed this. -T
 > Namespaces.

I never heard that about Namespaces myself.  I *did* hear (and say)
things along the line of "don't blame the Namespaces spec for not
doing what it never set out to do," but that has nothing to do with
whether the spec is a standard, a Standard, a recommendation, or
a slithy toth.

All the best,


David Megginson                 david@megginson.com