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Partial Validation by DTD

Hi XMLers,

Here is a question that has been bugging me for quite some time:

How can I specify (using entities, DTDs and whatever mechanism in XML 1.0
and without Schema) that I want to validate an XML document against a DTD,
BUT I do NOT want validation on the content model of certain elements. 

Specifically, say I have an element named NonValidatedContainer  and I want
to use it to contain markup that I cannot predict ahead of time and
therefore I do not have this variable markup specified in my DTD.

	<!ELEMENT NonValidatedContainer ???? >

*	If I use ANY as the content model for NonValidatedContainer , this
is not what I want, since ANY means that the content model can be composed
of ANY elements already in the DTD.
*	If I use (#PCDATA)  for the content model for NonValidatedContainer
this is also not what I want since I obviously cannot use markup underneath
this element.

I am interested in both programmatic solutions, at the DOM API level, as
well as pure declarative XML solutions, or simply a negative answer -- "This
is impossible"....

A bonus question is: How is the same objective obtained using XML Schema?



Eliezer Levy, Ph.D
Tandem Labs Israel
Tel  +972 48323050 (ext. 209)
Fax +972 48225006