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XML tools, in particular canonicalization and DSIG, in C++; plus,security overviews/tutorial

Hi, new to this list. Looking for XML tools in C++, esp. implementation of
canonicalization algorithm, and other tools required for digital signatures
(DSIG). Help will be appreciated. 

Here are few words of background about NewGenPay. 
We develop protocols for developers to implement different forms of
payments, allowing interoperability among many `payment service providers`
(that is, a buyer with account in one PSP will be able to buy from seller
with account in another). We will be happy to help developers or potential
applications - our system is very open and modular. 

In our site you can try our system (as a customer, or `buy` the servers,
with docs, and try out the entire system). In our demo you can also `buy`
lectures and overviews on secure e-commerce, mobile commerce, mobile
payments, and general introduction to applied cryptography. Feedback

Best regards, 
Amir Herzberg
CTO, NewGenPay Inc.  

See our demo and overview/tutorials on secure e-commerce in