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> At 05:38 PM 01/03/01 +0000, Leigh Dodds wrote:
> > The PSVI is the true Infoset that really meets those 80/20 requirements.
> Of course the great risk in this kind of thinking is that you
> start to believe that in general you have to apply a schema
> before you can start to do useful work with a chunk of XML.

Exactly. I've not found a need for data typing in my applications
yet, but then I'm mostly in a document processing environment.

As I said, I don't necessarily agree that with the proposition,
I'd just like this assumption (PSVI == Primary/Core Infoset) documented
if that is the case.

Perhaps its not. And if not, then lets see this stressed somehow (as
Jonathan Borden notes wrt to typing).



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