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At 05:38 PM 01/03/01 +0000, Leigh Dodds wrote:
> The
>PSVI is the true Infoset that really meets those 80/20 requirements.

Of course the great risk in this kind of thinking is that you
start to believe that in general you have to apply a schema 
before you can start to do useful work with a chunk of XML.  
Another example is from a post here by Andrew Layman from 16 
September 1999:

  Elements defined by a schema, when used in an instance document 
  in a validating processor, will have these default values available, 
  and this fact is pertinent to the author of the document.  This 
  means that an element is incompletely read if the schema for it is 
  not read. 

This statement is at the very least controversial.  Are there a 
others around here who would defend this point of view?   I 
apologize if I've quoted Andrew out of context; the words above
may not represent his feelings, but it is a good example of the
schema-centric view of reality.  -Tim