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Re: Homework assignment was: Re: more grist

Jonathan Borden wrote:
> Eric van der Vlist wrote:
> > Jonathan Borden wrote:
> > >
> > > As Henry Thompson recently told us in London, the important information
> that
> > > the post schema validation infoset adds to the post parse (or pre schema
> > > validation) infoset is types. Think of schema validation then as simply
> an
> > > XSLT which when applied to the infoset, adds types and tags indicating
> > > validity. It's really surprisingly simple.
> >
> > I am sorry I have missed this and I wish XSLT could be used to do this
> > ;=).
> >
> I see no a priori reason why an XML Schema validator could not be written as
> an XSLT which when applied to a particular XML document produces a 'PSVI' as
> its result.

Such a project has been started by Curt Arnold !

I was meaning that it would be nice to use XSLT without the constrains
added by W3C XML Schema and that the schema language should not add more
constrains to the structure and datatypes than XSLT has added...

> -Jonathan

See you in Austin (Knowledge Technologies 2001)
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