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To Buy, or to Build? That is the q...

Title: To Buy, or to Build? That is the q...

OK, OK, that expression WAS a little overused. Anyway...

Dear XML Masters,

I need your expert opinion on the following question.

The task: updating versions of my own XML documents,
Question #1: Can I find/buy something ready to use, or do I have to write a little tool?

I need to {add and replace} {names and values} of {elements and attributes}.

For example, my document would have something like

    <Element1 attribute1="attribute1ValueA">
    <Element1 attribute1="attribute1ValueB">

To convert an older version of this kind of document to a newer version, I need to be able to add attributes or whole new elements, or replace (which would include "delete") Element1, attribute1, attribute1ValueA or element1ValueA.

Notice the elements are nested, and can be repeating (like "Element1"). I mentioned this since I heard some of the tools wouldn't handle it.

Question #2: If I do write it, I think I would need to use instruction/mapping statements similar to SQL statements, right?

Thanks for your help in advance! (and I need the answer ASAP =)  )

Allen Chang
Software Engineer
Electron Economy