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Re: is that a fork in the road?


"Simon St.Laurent" wrote:
> Now we've got a different situation, where 'XML' is growing complex more
> rapidly than most people speaking here seem to want.  It's not exactly a
> matter of simplifying, but there are echoes of the previous battle.  This
> time around, though, it seems like a lot more people are concerned about
> the complexity issues, perhaps because they've grown by an order of
> magnitude in the interim.

I think that the main issue is that both the perimeter of "XML" as a
whole and the XML community is expending very fast.

It's easy for a small number of people to agree on a very focussed

It's more difficult when you increase the number of people or the
perimeter of the spec and with XML we are seeing a growth on both axes

The only way I believe this can be dealt with is through a real
modularization of the specs.

Otherwise, I think you are right, a fork is very likely to happen later
or sooner...

See you in Austin (Knowledge Technologies 2001)
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