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Re: RSS 1.0 vs. RSS 0.9*

David Megginson wrote:

> the RSS 1.0 WG has hit a sweet spot between
> simplicity and functionality.  Kudos.

Thanks !
> That said, the RSS 1.0 WG is now busying itself creating new add-on
> modules, just like the XHTML people, and that's a BAD move: people
> will (incorrectly) think that they need to learn and support all the
> modules to support RSS, just as people think that they need to learn
> and support XSL, XML-Schemas, XLink, XInclude, etc. etc. etc. to
> support XML.  I agree with the Kent Beck and the other XP people on
> this point -- never add new functionality in anticipation, but wait
> until people are screaming so loudly that you can no longer ignore
> them.

We do need to be careful here.

I for one don't push any module but the ones I am using myself or plan
to use short term.

Do you think that it is a matter of "presentation" and that big
disclaimers that modules are only useful to perform "special" functions
would be enough or do we have to imagine other safeguards  ?

> All the best,
> David
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