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Re: We need an XPath API

At 10:49 04/03/2001 +0000, Sean McGrath wrote:
>Its me, Mr. Layers back again. Why not XPath -> WF XML
>and then a SAX API for it just drops out?

It's funny, I was thinking about using XPath -> API and then WF XML just
drops out as layered too :-) Imho, selectors can be complex enough that
it'll be just as hard (if not harder) to get XPath -> WF XML straight as it
will be to have XPath -> API. In addition to that, anyone wishing to
construct a selector object from SAX calls (instead of the more, hopefully
better, specialized SAXPath calls) will have to do more work. I'm pretty
sure that XPath APIs would be at first sight more complex to learn and
implement, but in fine much harder to use in useful ways. I'd be happy to
be proven wrong though.

-- robin b.
Heisenberg may have been here.