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Re: Fw: RSS 1.0 vs. RSS 0.9*

>>With RSS 0.92 I have to ask you to add a new feature and wait until you
get around to releasing a new spec.

That's kind of a theoretical problem Matt. Do the A-B comparison and get
grounded. Aside from that 0.92 is finished, let's get to work on the next
version. And if you think that with namespaces you don't need consensus,
read the archives of the "RSS-DEV" mail list. Every time someone proposes a
new module they ask them to shoehorn into one of the "existing" modules.
Ooops, same argument all over again, except now you have more complexity so
many content-oriented people are excluded because of the maze of acronyms
and debates about how many angels can fit on the head of a pin. Look at the
taxonomy module and compare it to the <category> tag.

>>Where are the Perl, PHP, Python and Java modules that support 0.92?
Without support beyond Frontier it is dead in the water, I'm afraid.

Bah. The support is there, but irrelevant. What matters is content tools,
and then content. Take a closer look at what 0.92 *is* instead of looking
for grounding in meaningless metrics and theories.