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Re: is that a fork in the road?

----- Original Message ----- 
From: James Robertson <jamesr@steptwo.com.au>

> >  If you subscribe to the notion that you have to do something all over again
> >three times to really get it  right, are we on the 3rd attempt now?  (I'm
> >thinking GML, SGM, XML)
> And this unholy mess is what you
> call getting it right? ;-)

For the markup language, tags, attributes and mixed 
content are just fine, I think.

The rest is mostly crap, I think. Or, if you don't like the word 
"crap" it could be :

"the rest is not a part of everybody's long term vision for XML". 

I've grabbed this cool template from :

"Yes, I know you could use entities, but entities aren't 
part of everybody's long term vision for XML"