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Re: We need an XPath API

Charles Reitzel writes, doing an admirable job of assimilating all these
contributions -

> Doesn't XPointer just use XPath?  In which case, the lib should be able to
> do these things.  I guess this starts getting into XSLT and
> XPointer-specific extensions to XPath.  This probably calls for a couple
> SAX-style extension identifier URNs.  So an app can say "I need XSLT 1.1
> XPath extensions" and the parser can say yes or no.
XPointer starts with XPath and then adds extensions so you can specify part of
a node (like part of a text block), or a range of nodes, or combinations.
Easy to picture, infernally hard to deal with when you are thinking in terms
of nice clean node sets.


Tom P