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[ANN] DeltaXML: XML file comparisons and change control

<x-rich>XML File Comparisons

Monsell's "DeltaXML" range of products help identify and monitor 
changes to XML documents and data files.

For all XML users who need to identify changes to their XML files, a 
"DeltaXML Markup" comparator is now available. This software compares 
XML documents and data files and generates a delta file in XML. The 
delta file can be displayed directly or using XSL style sheets 
(examples included in the download), or processed for other purposes 
using standard XML tools.

For those using a specific XML format (DTD), DeltaXML DTD can provide 
an even more intelligent comparison, based on the actual allowed 
structure of the files. This will produce smaller and more accurate 
change files and enable handling of data that is not inherently 

As you can only manage and control the things that you can identify, 
DeltaXML identifies changes to all XML data and provides a key part 
of any XML management strategy.

DeltaXML also provides delta files allowing you to keep users up to 
date by sending them small change files, without having to re-send 
large XML files.

Applications of DeltaXML are many and varied including:

  - regression testing of XML software

  - XML file updates

  - displaying changes for review and authorization

  - checking changes made by hand to XML documents and data

More information available on our web site http://www.deltaxml.com

Robin La Fontaine</x-rich>

-- -----------------------------------------------------------------
Robin La Fontaine, Monsell EDM Ltd
(XML file comparison, Engineering data exchange and management using 
XML, R&D Project Management)
Tel: +44 1684 592 144 Fax: +44 1684 594 504
Email: robin@monsell.co.uk      http://www.deltaxml.com