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RE: [RDDL] RDDLClassLoader

I guess the use cases would be:

a) A entire JAR file is the resource

The MIME type application/java-archive is unregistered but in apparently common use for JAR files.  I'd guess the right thing to return would be to take a normal URL to the .JAR file and return a

b) A class in a JAR file is the resource

I haven't seen a MIME type for a Java class, though application/java-class would probably be appropriate.  The right approach would be to take a jar: URL and return a Class.

c) A directory is the root directory for a class loader

This should return a ClassLoader, probably need a non-MIME designator to indicate this.

d) A class in a distinct file

This could be fun as you may have to iterate to determine where the base directory starts, but should return a Class.

I think you need to have distinct nature for a Java class and a Java archive or base directory.  I would think that a Java class would be the more common usage.

As part of the XSLT 1.1, SVG, HTML script coordination thread that has ranged over the XSL list and the SVG and HTML comments list over the last few days, there was discussed the need to formally
register content types already in use for portable behavior such as "text/ecmascript", "application/java-archive", etc.  It would be good if the taxonomy of behaviors in RDDL could be coordinated with
an RFC to formally define those content types.