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Re: XQuery - Why is the Charter secret?

In a message dated 06/03/01 17:10:14 GMT Standard Time,
Jonathan.Robie@SoftwareAG-USA.com writes:

Andrew Watt wrote:

> Does anyone know why the Charter of the XQuery Working Group
> is withheld from  the public when other W3C Working Group
> Charters are available to the public?

I think it is pretty much up to the Working Group whether to make their
charter public. Sometimes charters contain information, such as the
schedule and projected completion dates, that may need to be modified based
on experience. It is a lot harder to change those dates if the general
public is relying on them.



Some Working Groups explicitly disclose the projected dates for deliverables.
Needless to say those targets aren't always met. But surely it is better for
the public to have *some* estimate of the targets for deliverables rather
than being completely left in the dark?

As far as XQuery goes, I have been very positively impressed by the scope of
the various documents. Thus it seemed so incongruous for the Charter to be
withheld. Would it be possible for the WG to reconsider this position?


Andrew Watt