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Hi all,

I seem to have glanced away for a second,
and missed a whole conversation.

I've noticed that "PSVI" has started appearing
like a pox through many posts to the list.

Now, I trawled my memory, and could find no
meaning for this acronym, despite spending
at least 1/2 hour every day keeping track
of XML-DEV, XML-L and XSL-L.

A small amount of hunting told me that
PSVI stands for "Post Schema Validation Infoset".
So far, so good.

But what an earth is it?

BTW, I looked in the InfoSet draft on
the W3C site, but it is not mentioned there.
In fact, I did a search on "PSVI" over
the whole W3C site, and ... no matches.

This is really getting out of hand

Can anyone give me a pointer to a
_brief_ discussion of PSVI?



James Robertson
Step Two Designs Pty Ltd
SGML, XML & HTML Consultancy
Illumination: an out-of-the-box Intranet solution