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Mapping W3C schemas to object schemas to relational schemas

I've posted a paper mapping a (very slight) variant of the data model in
W3C schemas to object schemas, and then mapping object schemas to
relational schemas. You can download the paper from:


The first part of the paper -- mapping XML schemas to object schemas --
is likely to be of most interest to people. It is undoubtedly similar to
Sun's XML data binding (JSR-31) and Veo Systems work with SOX. In fact,
I wrote it because neither of those specifications seems to be publicly
available. The work also appears to be a superset of the mappings in
Bill La Forge's Quick and Enhydra's Zeus project.

Please note that the paper is rather terse and assumes you understand
the general ideas behind the mapping from XML schemas / DTDs to object
schemas. If not, see the presentation "Mapping DTDs to Databases",
available from:


Ronald Bourret
Programming, Writing, and Training
XML, Databases, and Schemas