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XML second edition question: E29

I have been working my way through the errata updates to comfirm XML second
edition compliance and one item has been bothering me. E29 removes a
sentence to make the text comply with the constraints, removing the
necessity for PEs to be declared before being used when in non-validating

Does this indicate that non-validating processing should be "harder" for the
processor and require some kind of two pass parse or delayed resolution? 

In an attempt to see if i understood the issue correctly i tried running the
following example with MSXML without validation and it seemed to require
declaration of the PE: "Parameter entity must be defined before it is used".
The way i am reading the errata i guess that should be considered a bug
nowadays? (Or is it coverted in one of the "if-not-validating" sections?)


<?xml version="1.0"?>
<!DOCTYPE test [
<!ENTITY % zz '&#60;!ENTITY nonTricky "error-prone" >' >

Looking at the errata for the second edition it seems the E8 clarification
applies to this. However i am having trouble seeing the rationale for this,
would someone fill me in on the reasoning behind allowing non-declared PEs
when not validating? I would have found the correction to make it as a WFC
more "appropriate". I did try searching the archive but any pointers would
be helpful.

/Staffan Mhln