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Re: Output Indenting with XSL

David Santamauro wrote:
> try writing it literally in your stylesheet the way you want it output:
> <xsl:template match="/">
> <HTML>
> 	<BODY>
> 		<xsl:apply-templates />
> 	</BODY>
> </HTML>
> </xsl:template>

Whitespace-only text nodes in the stylesheet are stripped prior to
processing, so this should have no effect.

Tigran Hayrapetyan wrote:
> : I tried putting this kind of statement in the XSL to no avail.
> : <xsl:output method="html" version="4.0" indent="yes"/>

That should have had some effect in MSXML -- each block element's start
and end tags should appear on a new line. Do you at least get that much?
(as opposed to everything all on one line)

That is as much as you can expect to get from MSXML. To do fancy indenting
you will need to insert the whitespace manually, using xsl:text.

This question belongs on the xsl list. Go to mulberrytech.com for info.

   - Mike
Mike J. Brown, software engineer at            My XML/XSL resources: 
webb.net in Denver, Colorado, USA              http://skew.org/xml/