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Re: URIs and information typing

Simon St.Laurent wrote:
> Using namespace-qualified identifiers (QNames) for type identification
> seems to introduce some significant difficulties while only saving a few
> keystrokes.  This proposal suggests using bare URIs rather than QNames to
> improve interoperability and extensibility.

Intermingling qnames and URI references is tricky and creates unexpected
pitfalls, especially if the rules for converting between qnames and URI
references are not absolutely clear, or worse, defined differently by
different applications.

> Also, URIs could point quite easily to locations within a single W3C XML
> Schema document - this doesn't require schema fragmentation, so long as
> only a single processing context is needed.
> This approach might also simplify future projects which handle type
> information as metadata, not necessarily as part of a validation process.

right, so: "xsd:unsignedInt" is just shorthand for
http://www.w3.org/2000/10/XMLSchema#unsignedInt -- which is references a
location in the XML Schema schema <simpleType id="unsignedInt">... ?