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Looking for help with MSXML CAB

I have built an ActiveX control that I am trying to deploy on our intranet.
It happens to include MSXML (I'm trying to make the DHTML Edit control
produce XML for an HTML-like schema). When I go to deploy the control, it
fails to load properly in IE 5. I know its MSXML since when I remove it, the
control works fine. I have built my CAB files with MSXML included and by
linking it to the CAB provided by Microsoft. I have even tried to simply
install MSXML on its own using the <object> code provided on the MSXML
redistributable webpage. 

I really need some help with this. 

> Adam van den Hoven
> Internet Application Developer
> Blue Zone
> tel. 604.685.4310
> fax. 604.685.4391
> Blue Zone makes you interactive.(tm) http://www.bluezone.net/