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RE: A Call for Dialogue on XML Schema Part 1 and 2

> I would have no problem with this and as Henry Thompson said recently,
> this would allow to get real life experiences beneficial for everyone,
> but please, let's recognize that the current W3C XML Schema is not
> generic enough to be imposed to other specs such as XPath, XSLT, XML
> Query or even XForms (can we imagine to have no support for alternate
> date or decimal formats in a GUI interface ?) and leave all the
> alternatives open.

XML Schema is an integral part of XForms. The purpose of XForms is to come
up with a design that separates Model from UI from Instance. You are not
constrained in a GUI as to what format is displayed. The constraint is only
in the transfer syntax, where it should be.

David Cleary
Progress Software