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Re: Can XPointers be used as a name (was Re: RDDL for names ?(was Re:XMLSchema built-in data typenamespaceURI.))

At 03:43 PM 3/12/01 +0100, Eric van der Vlist wrote:
>The URI may be a good schema location for my processing needs and a bad
>choice as a base name for my datatypes.
>The prefix is a shorthand for the namespace URI that is, in principle,
>independent of the schema location.
>This is a powerful feature of W3C XML Schema that would be lost if the
>namespace URI had to match the schema location.

I'm starting to wonder if maybe we need options which combine the 
capabilities of RDDL with the indirection of technologies the IETF is 
developing for asking questions about the nature of particular URIs.

URI metadata might dig us out of this problem.  Is Michael Mealling around?

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