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RE: RDDL for names (was Re: XML Schema built-in data typenamespaceURI.)

Eric van der Vlist wrote:

> I can define a datatype through:
> <xsd:simpleType name="myUnsignedInt" id="myUnsignedInt" ...
> However, XPointer applies here since a schema is a XML document and the
> URI associated with the simpleType element will be {current schema
> location}#myUnsignedInt where {current schema location} may or may not
> be equal to the target namespace (assuming there is one) and is not
> fixed (what if I copy this schema on my local file system).

Right, so using XPointer:


would be equivalent to:


but allow overloading names for types, elements and attributes.

XPointer also allows us to implement collections in RDDL e.g.

<div id="foo">
	<rddl:resource .../>
	<rddl:resource .../>
	<rddl:resource .../>