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Re: RDDL for names (was Re: XML Schema built-in data type namespaceURI.)

"Henry S. Thompson" wrote:
> To try to bring your and Simon's threads together, I think what we're
> struggling with is the difference between the concept "unsignedInt" as
> defined by the W3C XML Schema spec. and various representations and/or
> manifestations of it, and then trying to generalise from this
> particular case to the general case of elements and attributes and
> types in any namespace.

I think that we should not restrict this debate to buit-in datatypes: we
also need to identify the users datatypes though URIs and have the same
kind of issue.

I can define a datatype through:

<xsd:simpleType name="myUnsignedInt" id="myUnsignedInt" ...

However, XPointer applies here since a schema is a XML document and the
URI associated with the simpleType element will be {current schema
location}#myUnsignedInt where {current schema location} may or may not
be equal to the target namespace (assuming there is one) and is not
fixed (what if I copy this schema on my local file system).

Furthermore, as you have highlighted it, duplicating names into ids
would violate the principle of different "namespaces" for types,
elements, attributes, ...

I wonder if a simple solution|workaround wouldn't be to add (or replace
the id) with an attribute which would define the full URI of the type:

<xsd:simpleType name="myUnsignedInt"
uri="http://dyomedea.com/ns/types/myUnsignedInt" ...

The designer of the schema would then have the responsibility, when he
needs it, to define a URI using a scheme that he would fully control.


Subsidiary question: could a rdf attribute be used for this purpose ?

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