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Re: IMHORe: Can XPointers be used as a name (was Re: RDDL for names ?(was Re: XMLSchema built-in data typenamespaceURI.))


Jonathan Borden wrote:
> An XPointer can be used as either a name or an address depending on the
> form. The raw name form is a name, the child sequence form is an address and
> the full form may combine characteristics of both. e.g.

I am not contesting the fact that, generally speaking, a XPointer can be
used as a name, but the fact that I don't want to assign to my user
defined datatypes a name that depends on the location of my schema file
and thus that in this case a XPointer is not convenient.

> <xsd:simpleType name="unsignedInt" id="unsignedInt">..
> http://www.w3.org/2000/10/XMLSchema#unsignedInt  is a perfectly good name
> (IMHO)
> .../xsd:simpleType[@name='unsignedInt'] is also an fine name (IMHO)

Yes I have no problem with these ones, but I consider


or even 


as bad names since they depend on the actual physical location of the
schema file.

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