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RE: Personal reply to Edd Dumbill's XML Hack Article wrt W3C XML Schema

W. E. Perry wrote:
> different  environment. For the purposes of the processing 
> which is performed
> with expertise unique to that receiving environment, what had 
> been a numeric
> (of whatever specific type) in the transmitted order document 
> may well be
> instantiated as a boolean value, or as a string for 
> processing as text in the
> presentational output of a hardcopy record of the 
> transaction, which might be
> the only use for a particular element in that processing 
> environment. Once the

Let me get this straight. I have the following document:


What you are saying is that someone might want to treat "value" directly as
something other than a floating point number? I can easily see how this
element could be transformed into a boolean (e.g. greater than 30) for
display, or into an integer (e.g. through truncation) for some other
processing. But surely the original value in the original document is always
a real number, right? If not, I'd appreciate a more concrete example. I'm
not sure whether I get it.