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Phases ( was Re: Personal reply to Edd Dumbill's XML Hack Article wrtW3C XML Schema)

From: W. E. Perry <wperry@fiduciary.com>

>I am merely suggesting
>that the recipient be permitted to proceed directly from the XML syntax as
>received to the locally meaningful instantiation of locally useful data, by
>whatever means are locally at his disposal.

In this regard, I note that Schematron 1.5 assertion language has a facility
"phases" which allows you to group and select the various patterns than are
active. So validation/transformation at the client-side can be different
that at the server-side, but expressed in the same schema.  Or so that, as
data goes through a workflow being incrementally altered, it can have the
assertions made that are proper to each stage.

If you want dynamic, instance-driven schemas making full use of the
document's graph, rather than static, tree- or stream-limited ones, you can
check out Schematron at

Rick Jelliffe